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Me thinks

2010-03-25 21:31:55 by Hunter747

Its time I started this account back up?

A big fag

2009-05-01 17:31:53 by Hunter747

My Brother is a faggot.

Accomplishment or Bad thing...

2009-04-15 00:08:46 by Hunter747

I have over 200 gigs of anime on my external hard drive. And at least 8 DVD's.


2009-04-14 02:34:50 by Hunter747

I figured out how to do dual screen on my laptop. It just looks so weird going from one screen to the other.


New TV!

2009-02-14 12:48:59 by Hunter747

Yay I just got a 32 in Sharp HDTV for my room. So happy.


2009-01-28 13:26:29 by Hunter747

Snow Day!

I burned my hand.

2009-01-24 21:44:52 by Hunter747

Oww... Now there's an imprint of a soldering iron on my hand.
Making a longer Ethernet cable so we could play my friends 360.

I burned my hand.

The answers.

2008-12-25 08:44:41 by Hunter747

Alright now that my new quiz is done here are the answers.
1)Dec 25th or today
5)Chris Kringle or Santa Clause
7)Any choice
9)Any choice
10)Any Choice
I have also submitted a Non-H version on my SheezyArt. Go here to view


2008-12-20 23:51:35 by Hunter747

Haha, i got my new quiz done, I'm not teling you when it will be out, but you will know the answers for it. I just have the pictures to add to it because I didn't feel like doing it at my friends house.

Why Not?

2008-12-10 22:13:37 by Hunter747

I'm gonna start putting my stuff on my Sheezy art profile. First i have to see if they allow it.

Edit: nope they dont...